Key Accountabilities: 


  • Work on long term preservation and care of QM objects – collections under Acquisitions and Stores Department:
  • Assist in the movement and arrangement of the collection to new storage building. 
  • Help in developing and implementing Integrated Pest Management Guidelines and appropriate preventive conservation program for the Department.
  • Support developing and delivering regular staff training in the context of the Collection Care.
  • Monitor environment condition in the stores and to ensure maintaining appropriate climatic conditions.
  • Conduct monitoring of pest activities in the studio and the store in compliance with the Department Integrated Pest Management Guidelines and advise on appropriate infestation treatments on objects which have concerns or active infestation.
  • Advise on Archival storage and mounting materials for safe uses as necessary.
  • Record all conservation activities undertaken in accordance with QM documentation system.
  • Strong research ability (scientific, academic, etc.) issues that relate to preventive conservation.
  • Specific knowledge and expertise in the conservation 
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of museum conservation ethics and best practices
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in preventive conservation.
  • Knowledge of the Correct Handling of Storage Environment for General Collections
  • Master's Degree of Conservation
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience Practicing preventive conservation
  • Experience Working with Mixed Collections in Museums.