Key Accountabilities: 

Role Purpose:  Works within Operations Division in close association with Programs & Exhibitions Division staff in order to provide relevant expertise, including installation and deinstallation of gallery exhibitions at the Fire Station, and responsible for day-to-day maintenance of gallery lighting, temperatures.

Duties and responsibilities:
•    Ensures the maintenance of gallery exhibitions.
•    responsible for the transport, handling and installation and hanging artworks for exhibitions and ensuring safe removal and installation of artworks on display.
•    Responsible for carrying out condition reports for artworks, assessing for damages.
•    Liaise with Exhibitions Coordinator and Studios & Galleries Coordinator for artworks leaving or returning to the Fire Station.
•    Oversees and manages the lighting programming within the galleries. Ensure lighting maintenance is completed and records maintained.
•    Responsible for identifying burnt out globes and informing Facilities in a timely manner.
•    Support the Fabrication Lab Coordinator for installing vinyl wall text and label.
•    Responsible for maintenance of the gallery wall text and labels.
•    Responsible for carrying artworks and objects for the Fire Station general activities.
•    Assist the artist in residence and Fire Station staff in transporting the artworks and objects to & from the studios and the Fire Station Facilities (fabrication lab, wood shop, and general workshop spaces) & galleries.
•    Responsible for general watch over all aspects of the Fire Station galleries. 




  • 1 to 4 years’ experience
  • Minimum High School / Diploma
  • Knowledge of exhibition maintenance, lighting, and manual handling and installation and deinstallation of artworks