Key Accountabilities: 


Role Purpose:  The curator works within the curatorial group, reporting to the Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs. Curator provides the expertise on the Museum’s collections, required to deliver the Museum’s programmes. Curator works in close collaboration with the Education Department in the development and delivery of public and staff programmes. The Curator of paintings is responsible for the Orientalist Museum’s collections of paintings, and in particular, cataloguing, research and publications, contributing to display and exhibition development, development of the content of the website, and teaching at all levels. Curators are expected to deal with questions relating to the collections from all areas within the Museum and academic and public enquiries outside.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualises and executes all aspects of project development and implementation at the highest professional standards, including research, writing, presentations, budgeting, and coordination with project stakeholders
  • Makes acquisition recommendations for objects or collections of interest to top management   
  • Writes scopes for exhibition vendors and services                                       
  • Conducts tours to explain key exhibition themes to internal stakeholder departments         
  • Reviews project and consultancy contracts with legal team 
  • Develops museums and exhibition interpretation and public programs with education team
  • Writes essays for exhibition catalogues, scholarly articles for internal and external publications  
  • Presents at conferences and networks with external museums and curators
  • Represents the museum in all activities in public domain in line with museum vision and mission


  • MA or PhD in Art History
  • Minimum of 10-12 years, 5 -6 years of experience in the specialized field
  • Excellent language skills in English; Excellent language skills in Arabic highly preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficiency in computer skills and Microsoft Office
  • Proof of independent research, publications and articles with respected journals and institutions
  • Proof of academic papers presented at international conferences
  • Proof of exhibition development and delivery as sole curator