Senior Budgeting Accountant

Last Date Of Application: 
Thursday, February 9, 2017
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About the Job: 

§   Comply with QM’s set policies, procedures, management and regulatory requirements, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

§   Assist in the implementation of budgeting system, procedures, and internal controls; ensure compliance to established policies and procedures.

§   Prepare and generate, under the directions of the Senior Budget Accountant or the applicable direct reporting line reports and statistics, if and when required.

§   Uphold highest professionalism and integrity in delivering services to internal and external Finance Customers. Proactively seek customer satisfaction in the processing of requests with a sense of caretaking and urgency.

§   Assist in coordinating with the internal auditors, and provide all required information to the concerned parties in order to facilitate the preparation of internal audit reports, respectively.

§   Stay abreast of the latest budgeting and reporting leading practices.

§   Carry out proper archiving of all documents and reports pertaining to Budgeting and Reporting Department.

§   Receive, process, record, update and safe keep documents relevant to budgeting and reporting.

§   Keep the direct reporting line informed of significant budgeting and reporting related issues that may jeopardize the achievement of QM’s goals.

§   Identify areas for professional self-development, and act to enhance such.

§   Ensure high standards of confidentiality to safeguard commercially sensitive information

Budget Initiation Responsibilities:

§   Assist the Direct Reporting Line in preparing the Budget Circular and Budget Templates.


Budget Preparation Responsibilities:

§   Provide assistance to his direct reporting line and Business Area Partners in providing guidance to Budget Holders in the preparation of their respective annual budgets.


Budget Review and Consolidation Responsibilities:

§   Support his direct reporting line in reviewing and ensuring consistency and compliance of Department and Business Unit Budgets with the Budget Circular. 

§   Assist his direct reporting line in ensuring smooth inflow and outflow of documents / data required for effective Budget Consolidation, in coordination with QM’s respective directorates/departments, to obtain all necessary information.


Budget Finalization Responsibilities:

§   Provide assistance to his direct reporting line in amend and reconsolidating the Budget (based on the instructions from the Ministry of Finance), as applicable in accordance to Executive Management instructions.  


Budget Variance Management & Budget Monitoring Responsibilities:

§   Prepare/generate the monthly budget variance reports to be reviewed by the Senior Budget Accountant or the Head of Budgeting and Reporting.  Perform necessary amendment(s), as applicable.

§   Assist his direct reporting line in reviewing the consolidated monthly budget variance reports and highlighting key reasons and trends.

§   Ensure that budget variations are explained in management reports, including any potential exposures to QM.


§   Assist his direct reporting line in delivering relevant information to support QM’s business planning requirements and long-term planning.  Coordinate with other departments and units across QM.

§   Continuously identify, follow and analyze trends in the market.  Perform statistical analysis using historical data and current trends to identify risks and opportunities to the business.

§   Assist his direct reporting line in providing support in the development of demand and capacity planning models and other forecasting models.  

§   Assist his direct reporting line in formulating strategic recommendations to handle future demand changes.

§   Provide financial guidance and strategic input to the assigned Department / Business Area Heads (Museums, Enterprise, Capital Projects, Programs) in the delivery of their respective business objectives through a deep understanding of their business models.

§   Provide a link between the Finance Department and assigned Business Area Management (Museums, Enterprise, Capital Projects, Programs) in relation to all finance functions and processes, ensuring robust financial control and business analysis.

§   Share insights into performance metrics, show the financial implications of decisions and help the business get approval of the budget and investment proposals as and when required.

§   Support, coach and educate the assigned Department / Business Area stakeholders (Museums, Enterprise, Capital Projects, Programs) on finance related activity including the use of financial tools and information.

§   Take part of meetings related to the provision of Finance related support services with the assigned Department / Business Area (Museums, Enterprise, Capital Projects, Programs). 

§   Provide guidance to the Commercial Officer/ Capital Project Manager/ Program Manager and ensure the effective and efficient accomplishment of the Finance Business Partner’s respective duties.

§   Prepare key forecasting reports and perform necessary actions to rectify issues identified by his direct reporting line, if any.

§   Develop and recommend in accordance to his direct reporting, new forecast process, tools and models that will enhance performance, where needed.

§   Prepare/generate other budget-related reports, as required.


About The Applicant: 
  • Sound knowledge of ERP with emphasis on Budgeting module
  • Expertise in Budgeting & Reporting best industry practices
  • Knowledge of accounting standards
  • University degree in Business Administration with specialization in Accounting
  • About 1-3 years of post qualification related experience of which a minimum of 1 year should be in a similar position / responsibility.
Required Attachment: 
Passport Copy
Copy of Educational Certificate