Head of Maintenance Unit

Facilities Management
Last Date Of Application: 
Thursday, March 30, 2017
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About the Job: 

Purpose of the Role:

To lead, direct and control the operations and maintenance of specific museum of QM assigned with the objective of maximising resources and ensuring work conducted is in line with specifications, budget and in adherence to local laws and regulations and QM’s strategic business objectives.   Key Accountabilities: 

  • Works with the Head of Maintenance Section to identify and establish medium to short term strategic priorities and targets, in line with QM’s policies and guidelines and ensures their successful execution.
  • Implements initiatives that enable maximum output that fully contributes to the delivery of department goals. Develops and monitors KPIs, takes corrective actions where necessary and produces regular reports with analysis and comment on performance and results.
  • Pro-active role in the preparation of department’s budget and monitoring of the spending to ensure that it stays within the approved budget.
  • In coordination with the Head of Maintenance Section, reviews the Scope of Work for the various tenders and pro-active role in the evaluation of the bids and award of the contracts. Subsequent management of the contracts.
  • Reviews invoices related to various contracts and related job completion certificates for the purpose of scheduled payments and granting of related approvals with in his specified authority.
  • Executes policies and procedures review to identify areas of improvement within own function and recommends changes leading to best-practice operations.
  • Ensures that the museum’s facilities are running at the optimal level in accordance with Facilities Management’s (FM) Operation Procedure Guide (OPG), ‘HSE’ Manual and other ‘QM’ policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Reviews various methods statements and procedures for the testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of museum’s assets to ensure that such assets are performing efficiently.
  • Lead role in enhancing QM’s Facilities Management operations in assigned museum by implementation of “Reliability Centered Maintenance” (RCM), “Sustainable Energy Management” and any related methodology/principals.
  • Management of operations and maintenance activities of assigned museum and its associated facilities, contractors’ staff and their KPIs’. Monthly analysis of such KPIs.’ Initiation of remedial actions in case approved KPIs’ are off the mark.
  • Management of the Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM), Corrective Maintenance, Emergency/Breakdown Maintenance and the Condition Based Maintenance of the assigned museum’s equipment/facilities to ensure that the work progress is accordance to the plans and the budget.
  • For the energy conservation initiatives, analysis of the monthly reports indicating water, electricity and diesel/gas consumption details and the approval of necessary control measures to reduce the consumption of energy and water by way of set point adjustments, power factor adjustments and use of better Star Energy equipment.
  • Analysis of the Root Causes related to the failures and breakdowns of the equipment as well as failures and breakdowns in the chain of command and communications. Similar analysis pertaining to the cases of “Near Misses”, “Accidents” and “Incidents” and initiation of the relevant actions to mitigate the possibilities of re-occurring of such “uncalled-for” events.
  • Analysis of the energy consumption patterns and approval of the plans for the conservation of energy by way of modifications in the existing machinery or replacement of the existing inefficient machinery with the appropriate star rated machinery/equipment.
  • Study various operational as well as maintenance problems associated with various machinery and come out with the solutions/recommendations to mitigate such problems.


About The Applicant: 
  • Experience in managing facilities department containing multiple major sites. Museum experience will be preferable.  
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical/Electrical or Equivalent Certification from the local regulatory bodies; Membership of professional institutions.

  • Minimum of 12 years of work experience in the field of facilities management after graduation (including 5 years in GCC).

Required Attachment: 
Passport Copy
Copy of Educational Certificate