Marine Archaeologist

Last Date Of Application: 
Job reference: 
HC/645/Marine Archaeologist/ Cultural Heritage
Employment Type: 
Full time
About the Job: 

Marine archaeologist performs survey and excavation activities underwater and in a waterlogged environment as well as carries out documentation and report writing before, during and after these activities.



  • Surveying, recording and interpreting known and unknown submerged heritage assets
  • Using a range of excavation and diving equipment
  • Panning and managing an underwater excavation
  • Training QM staff
  • Producing, compiling and maintaining archaeological data
  • Handling, recording and pre-classifying waterlogged finds
  • Drawing sketches, plans and sections according QM guidelines
  • Entering data continuously to the excavation database


  • Following policies and procedures according to QM guidelines and occasionally contributing to the creation of new ones.
  • Analyzing and interpreting archaeological data
  • Analyzing and interpreting geophysical and remote-sensing survey data, including Acoustic Systems, Bathymetric survey, Side scan Sonar, Sub-Bottom Profiling, Magnetometry etc.
  • Managing pictures (archiving and renaming pictures)
  • Writing desk based assessments
  • Writing internal reports
  • Writing and publishing scientific excavation reports
  • Giving public talks and leading public workshops


About The Applicant: 

Master Degree in Maritime/Nautical Archaeology or related field, a PhD Degree is desirable.

A minimum of 7 years relevant experience as marine archaeologist.

Experience conducting underwater archaeological surveys including remote sensing data collection and processing, mapping, recording, excavation and report writing.

Practical and theoretical knowledge about measuring, drawing and documenting underwater.

Ability and willingness to dive in low visibility conditions.

Certification as scientific diver. 

Certificate for boat experience that includes launching, trailering and operating is desirable.

Prior working experience in Middle East or Gulf regions is highly desirable.